Early Access

Colony Survival is in Early Access, so we're constantly tweaking the game and adding new content. A lot of people have asked us what kind of things we'd like to add. We've got a pretty clear roadmap, and we'd love to share it with you! The following things are features we'd like to add before we leave Early Access and launch the full version of the game.


Improved multiplayer

Multiplayer is currently pretty basic and we'd like to enhance it. We'd like to start by adding anti-griefing measures and basic co-op features. Trading between colonies is also something we want to add. Finally, colony vs colony combat seems like a great idea!

"Builders" and "removers"

Let your colonists automatically remove blocks or build walls. Eventually, we want players to be able to save blueprints and share them via Steam Workshop.   

Enhanced terrain generation

Terrain generation currently uses a 2D height map. Improving this could result in a much more interesting world. Eventually, we'd like to have crops, ores and animals that are unique to different regions of the world. This would incentivize players to explore the world, start multiple colonies and trade between them!


A simple but often recommended feature that hasn't been added yet. Will make navigating your world a lot easier!




Let your colonists care for sheep and later on, other animals. It could result in a lot of new items and jobs, like a butcher, a tanner, leather, meat, parchment etcetera.

Steam workshop support

There is an enthusiastic community of modders that we're actively supporting. Enabling Steam Workshop allows players to explore and play their mods much more easily.