The Basics

Pipliz was founded in 2014. The founders are Bas (1994) en Luke (1993) Boltjes, two brothers born in Groningen in the Netherlands. The earliest versions of Colony Survival were made in 2013. In the Summer of 2014, Colony Survival was put on Steam Greenlight and Pipliz was started officially. In 2017, Colony Survival was released to the public.

Our Philosophy: Freedom & Gameplay

We've been playing games for nearly two decades and we've always held strong opinions about them. We've noticed that modern games are often less complex and give the player less freedom than their older predecessors. While advances in gaming hardware should give players more options, they're actually getting less. Some developers have started focusing on creating linear, cinematic experiences. We believe movies exist for that purpose, and that good games allow players to make their own choices. A game should be a blank canvas with a big toolbox to craft your own adventure, not a ride in a roller coaster!

A Fair Price

Game developers love earning money, but gamers don't like spending their hard-earned cash. Obviously, there's a bit of tension between these opposing interests. We believe the best solution to this problem is a single fair price for all the content. Perhaps with some cosmetic DLC or a proper expansion pack more than six months after releasing the game. But no shop-specific pre-order bonuses. No content DLC two weeks after the game is released. No microtransactions in singleplayer games. No pay-to-win lootboxes in multiplayer games.

Transparent Development

Since releasing Colony Survival on June the 16th 2017, we've released a Development Blog every Friday. In these blogs we explain what we've been working on and what we're planning to add or change. We detail the reasons for the choices that we've made, and we're asking our players for input. We read all the comments and regularly respond. We're also active on our own public Colony Survival Discord. We try to be available and to respond to a lot of suggestions and questions.